Bloodline Heroes


MMORPG?  Tower defense? Fantasy Kingdom Simulation?  YES!

Bloodline Heroes is a game that combines the features of an MMORPG and fantasy kingdom simulation.

In the world of Elaria, four known races: the gigantic and brutal Mikh’ron, the petite and mystical Elves, the dexterous and strong Dwarfs, and the all rounded Humans.
Conflicts are unavoidable as they compete for the limited resources and the ultimate power to rule Elaria.

In Bloodline Heroes, the player controls a unique hero in the game.  Similar to our DNA, the bloodline effects are unique. The player creates a one-of-a-kind hero with bloodline effects and talent.  During battle, the player has complete control of the hero. Utilizing the various combinations of the bloodline effects, the player can customize the talent of the hero, giving the player a unique character. If used in tandem with bloodline effects, these can create some devastating combinations. 

With the vast amount of weapons and armor, the player can further enhance their hero during battle.  Recruiting, training and strengthening the troops are essential parts of the hero’s tasks.  Selecting and leading suitable soldiers are essential battles in Elaria.

Key Features:
Create, equip, customize and have complete control of your hero during battle
Build and upgrade your kingdom and soldiers
Defend your territory, and raid with other players all over the world
Discover your Bloodline, gain your talent and explore the countless combinations
Use the friend system to invite allies into private dungeon, and take down bosses as a team