Race A Maze


Race a Maze is a light-hearted but challenging action-packed game filled with tough baddies, tricky traps and craftable power-ups! Playing as the heroic Gopher, you’ll work your way through four unique zones of mazes packed with locked doors, moving platforms, spike traps and treasure chests. As you race your way to the exit, pick up as many coins and stars as you can to open new levels and buy helpful items. You can even rescue friends along the way, unlocking new playable characters that have their own unique upgradeable special ability! Race a Maze isn’t just about high scores and speed runs. Gopher and his friends will collect dozens of different items throughout the game, stashing them away in their inventory for later use. Some of them work fine on their own, such as invisibility potions or cages that stun enemies. Others are more effective when you take them to the crafting screen and start combining. Want to put some pep in your step? Mix blasting ore with a projectile feather and you’ve got yourself a snazzy pair of speed boots! Key features: • Four playable characters, each with their own unique skill to get you out of tight situations • 100 levels to race through, complete with maze layouts that change each time you play • Over 30 hats and costumes to equip, some of which have game-altering abilities • 28 unique power-ups to craft and use • Boss baddies to defeat • Invite friends to earn bonus hearts


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